Specify instrument at beginning of part/Position of instrume

I have a part for flute doubling piccolo. The first passage is for the piccolo, changing to flute after a few bars.

What’s the best way to specify the first instrument in the part? I could do it with a staff label but I’m not sure I like the way that looks - I’d like it to be consistent with the instrument changes (i.e. above the stave). Shift-X text is of course an option but is there a better solution at this stage?

Also, I’ve found I can’t select the instrument change text in Engrave mode in order to move it (clashes with the notes). Is there another way to adjust the position of the text? [EDIT - found it in Engraving Options]

Perhaps we should have an option to show an additional instrument label above the first entry in a part layout that contains doubling instruments – we’ll think about this. For now, I would suggest that you do indeed add the text using Shift+X.