Specifying default settings for show transposition

On an untransposed full score, it can be inappropriate to mark a instrument as ‘in Bb’ etc., if its part on that score has not been transposed.


In Editing Instrument Names>Show Transposition>Never, there is a way to bypass such default labeling, but is there a way to set this globally for Dorico as a permanent default, so that one does not have to edit every single instance of every transposing instrument in a large orchestral score for example?

I tried using the ‘Save as default for instrument’ tick box, but this does not affect other instances of that instrument already in place in Setup.

Thank you.

I would suggest a better approach than editing all off the instrument names would be to use the provided options for this on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options, namely:

Aah. Brilliant. Thanks very much dspreadbury.

Cmd-Shift-L (Mac) for:

Layout Options>Staves & Systems>Staff Labels>Instrument Pitch or Transposition.