Specifying left/right-hand facing pages when exporting one flow

First of all, I’m loving being able to print a single flow! Thank you!

Can anyone tell me a way I might be able to have flows that begin on the left hand page automatically be printed as this, rather than the default right hand-facing?

If all else fails I can always just begin new flows on the right hand side by inserting a blank page on the left.

Exporting a Flow saves a new project file with the existing layouts, including all page overrides. E.g. if your flow is only 4 pages, but comes from a project with a page override on page 200, you’ll get 196 blank pages!

Realistically, you’ll need to work on the exported flow in some way; be it resetting the layout; importing a new set of Page Templates; or even loading the flow into another document template.

So sorry @benwiggy, I used the wrong term. I meant print flows separately (but in the bottom right of Print Mode it says “export”)…

Essentially, you’re just printing a page range in the existing layout. You can’t change the left/right-ness of the layout just for the print.

Thought as much. Cheers.

Hi Daniel,
not sure if this still interests you.

I’m able to solve this by “SOLOING” the desired Flow.

The steps I use to do this:
1 - in Layout Option - select “Inicial page number” = 2
2 - in Setup Mode: Select all Flows (in the Botton Panel) “cmd+A”
3 - With all Flows selected - disable the layout for the flows at once in the right panel check box
4 - Select just the flow (Botton panel) you want to print and enable again the layout for the selected flow.
This is my way to “Solo” one flow
5 - from now on, print will be left-hand as you expected.

I’m new to Dorico (bought 1.0 in 2016, not used it much, but will get 4.x in Nov. and learn it) so I don’t know much (if anything) about the “interiors” of Dorico, but a fair amount on “publication” and printing, so the following might help, if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro.

  1. Save (export?) as PDF.
  2. Open in Adobe Acrobat Pro
  3. SHIFT+CTRL+T (Swedish version) = Insert Empty Page
    (Otherwise, on the “Arrange Pages” menu.)
  4. “Before First”
  5. OK.

Print directly from Adobe Acrobat or save PDF for further processing.

Naturally, adding a title page would do the same, unless it is a movement/flow later in the project.


  • You need Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Page numbering blank page(s) might involve further steps.
    (I would personally compile an edition, add page numbers etc. in an external program, it gives more flexibility, but, naturally, requires additional steps.)

So you’re literally removing all other Flows from your Layout? That might have unforeseen consequences if there are any page overrides, or possibly other manual adjustments.

Hi Benwiggy,
thank you so much for alerting me.
As I hadn’t made any manual adjustments yet, I hadn’t noticed this risk. I really thought it was just a visual deletion.
tks again