Specifying left/right-hand facing pages when exporting one flow

First of all, I’m loving being able to print a single flow! Thank you!

Can anyone tell me a way I might be able to have flows that begin on the left hand page automatically be printed as this, rather than the default right hand-facing?

If all else fails I can always just begin new flows on the right hand side by inserting a blank page on the left.

Exporting a Flow saves a new project file with the existing layouts, including all page overrides. E.g. if your flow is only 4 pages, but comes from a project with a page override on page 200, you’ll get 196 blank pages!

Realistically, you’ll need to work on the exported flow in some way; be it resetting the layout; importing a new set of Page Templates; or even loading the flow into another document template.

So sorry @benwiggy, I used the wrong term. I meant print flows separately (but in the bottom right of Print Mode it says “export”)…

Essentially, you’re just printing a page range in the existing layout. You can’t change the left/right-ness of the layout just for the print.

Thought as much. Cheers.