Specifying the stem direction of instruments in a percussion kit

I’m writing a single stave snare drum. The stems are by default down. Is there any chance to change that into ‘stems up’ by default? Of course I can change them with a shortcut. But it would save some work if I could change the default direction.
I have no access to a kind of ‘percussion kit’ on the Setup page.

Strange. Even if I create ‘empty kit’ → add snare drum and I change the stem direction to ‘up’, Dorico keeps writing them ‘down’

See the Operation Manual here:

Daniel, I’m sorry, but exactky this is not possible if you add a snare drum as a single, 1 stave instrument.

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And the default direction is ‘stem down’

A single snare drum is not a percussion kit. The clue is the blue/white instrument label, which tells you this is an “instrument”, as “kits” have green labels.

In that case, see here:

Why don’t you try adding the snare to a kit on its own? I’m not sure if you can for one instrument but here it is anyway:

aahhhhhh…fantastic…that’s it…thanx Lillie…super :slight_smile: