spectalayers pro 6.0.30

is now available… steinberg download assistant…

i do not have spectralayers pro 6… but i acquired spectralayers pro 5, for yes; real use. and intend to upgrade.

Thank you for the post, Howl. I’m eager to try out .30 in the coming days and hope that the settings memory problem has been resolved.

and i even do not own 6 yet, haha. but i saw it somewhere. it still nowhere official stated.

in the mean time, i am learning pro 5, and yes, it has a learning curve, but not that steep, for me. still much to learn, by experience mainly.

i hope your problems are solved!

it is a great program, and i am eager to know what pro 6 brings to me (besides the obvious; ara2). pro 5 already is great.

You’re referring to some tools not retaining all the settings between sessions ? If so, yes that’s fixed in .30

I notice that the installer for 6.0.30 on Windows 10 forces a reboot. Are we back to the '90s? :-/
This is the only Steinberg product I own where an updater forces a reboot.
Not a big deal, just curious.

It’s not supposed to. I guess you happened to have some rare scenario where the OS asked for a reboot, but if you run the installer again normally you would not be asked to reboot this time.

My install of 6.0.30 also required a reboot. W10 right up-to-date.

I am really happy that the settings are now fully memorised between sessions. Unfortunately, another memory issue has reared its head. When exporting audio, SLP used to memorise the previous folder used - 6.0.30 doesn’t do that. When exporting, the Export File window opens which defaults the folder to which the audio will be exported to be a ToSLP folder deep in the C:“username” directory. But I want to save the SLP audio to my SLP folder in my project folders on the D drive. To do so with .30, I have to drill through drive directories and then drill down to the D drive, then the project folder and then the SLP sub-folder - for each and every audio export. Grrr!!!

There does not seem to be any way for the user to choose the folder to which export audio is directed to (in Preferences for example), and the memory of the last used folder has now gone. If anyone has found a way to choose the export folder as the default folder, I would be most grateful to hear from you.

Hm… the reboot thing might be due to the switch from “SpectraLayers Pro” to “SpectraLayers” (starting from 6.0.30, it’s an unified installer for both Pro and Elements) - the new installer uninstalling any previous instance of “SpectraLayers Pro”, which might be the reason for the reboot.

Duly noted on the export folder issue.

had to reboot here too

and yes it removed all the program shortcuts and installed it as “new” software

Is there a listing of the ‘fixes’ and updates to SpectraLayers pro6.0.30?


  • The Save As and Export functions now use the project folder by default.

  • Playback no longer stops when repositioning the playhead.

  • Initializing ARA no longer renders the applicacion unreliable.

  • The Undo command now works as expected after creating a group with layers.

  • The Undo command now works as expected when using Paste to a new layer.

  • ARA playhead synchronization has been improved for editing multiple regions.

  • ARA layer activation now works as expected when editing multiple regions.

  • The AAX plug-in now transfers data correctly.

  • Brush settings now work as expected.

On 13 Feb, I commented on this thread:

“…another memory issue has reared its head. When exporting audio, SLP used to memorise the previous folder used - 6.0.30 doesn’t do that.”

The fixes and updates list includes at point 1:

“The Save As and Export functions now use the project folder by default.”

For most of my work with SLP, I don’t use project folders - I mainly just access SLP via Sony Vegas Pro’s timeline link from an audio event to Sound Forge Pro and then to SLP via SF’s Tools link. The clone stamp is excellent for removing unwanted noise, clicks, minor wind noise, screeching children, etc from camera audio that’ll be used as background ambience/location sound. I really don’t need to create a project - I just export the SLP audio file to an SLP sub-folder in the video project’s folder.

I think I now see the problem. The .30 build sensibly defaults exporting to the SLP project folder; unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have a pathway (default or controllable) in place re exporting when an SLP project does not exist. Maybe there was an assumption (not an unreasonable assumption by any means) that everyone would create a project rather than just working ‘on-the-fly’ as I mostly do. But what I haven’t tried is to create an SLP project in.30. I wonder if I would still need to go through the search through the directories/folders to save the project to the folder that I want each and every time that a new project is created?

Thanks much!!

Yes, I see that was an alternate way of doing it. I did figure that out yesterday. But he looks to be clicking a short cut when he selects the track to do this? I was wondering if there was a way to do it that way?