Spector&Mystic non consistent... useless

The included synths Spector and Mystic do not behave consistently. If you load two instances of either unit and pick a random preset on one and then manually copy all the parameters onto the other, the presets will not sound the same.

I’m running Cubase 6 64 bit on Snow Leopard.

Prologue lost its LFO MIDI sync function with the jump to 64-bit so I’m thinking something crucial was disabled in both of these other synthesizers. Or maybe they’ve always been broken, I’ve never used a previous version of Cubase.

The way I see it, without consistent behavior of the synth, you can’t learn the subtlety of the engine. Makes it more of a preset machine.

Why should they sound the same? they are different synthesizers. What are you trying to accomplish? :open_mouth:

Oops I see, sorry :blush:
I should read more carefully :smiley:

Timo from Korg Forums? Its CharlesFerraro, nice to see you on here.

I was thinking maybe my problem has to do with the comb filters self-oscillating so when I copy the parameters theres some runaway “buzz” resonating through but I’m more willing to bet that theres just something broken in 64bit. I mean the feedback filter between the combs should prevent that from happening…

Oh well. Preset machines.

sadly several of the included plugins and VI’s suffer from “this”. And by “this” I mean: lack of attention to detail when designing, programming and testing. It’s really too bad.

Take Groove Agent One: what a wonderfull, simple and intuitive plugin. BUT it drifts in timing thus making it completely useless if you’re into stacking drum sounds.

The included VI’s, prolouge for example, is really a cool sounding soft synth but the GUI is whacked (so are the others) and the presets are REALLY BAD. Think of the difference it would make if at least the plugins came with great sounding presets! I know you can tweak and create your own. But at the pace at which I have to produce I simply don’t have the time to scroll through 100 bad sounding presets to find a great sounding one to tweak.

A bit OT but at the same time not:)

I think Mystic lost it’s LFO MIDI sync function as well. At least it appears so. I have a song which I started in Cubase 5 32bit and utilizing an instance of Mystic with a neat evolving pad sound. When I made the jump to the 32bit version of Cubase 6, that patch in Mystic still worked fine. But when I loaded the song into Cubase 6 64bit, the patch no longer has movement. It just sticks on a static note. So it appears the LFO is no longer affecting the patch in the way that it was originally programmed. Is this because the plug-in is not 64bit compatible?

This bug reminds me of the Groove Agent 3 bug where you cannot export / record the MIDI output in 64bit Cubase. You have to do it in the 32bit version. Others have gotten around this by using jbridge. I wonder if jbridge would solve the Mystic / Prologue issues too?