Spector Synth

Hello Everyone,Iv e been having problems recording my spector plug
in. How do i record the plug in track that im listening to on to an audio track?
and once I record a plug in on an audio track how can I use the plug in effects
from spector after the track is recorded. Please explain this to me
slowly…step by step…I appreciate all your help. Thank You.

Recording vst directly to audio

Once you create an audio track you can no longer use any part of spector to
tweak that audio track.

Of course you can use all the other audio plugs available.

How to create an audio track from a Vsti MIDI/Instrument Track.

There are a couple of ways. Here is how I do it:

1-Get the entire VST track sounding EXACTLY the way you want it to sound.
2-Now you want to Export that track. Go to: File/export/audio mix down.
(Im on a MAC so YMMV)
3-Once the export dialog box is open; near to bottom you will see the
‘Import into Project’ pane
4-tick the lil Audio Track box
5-hit export

This will put an audio file of the VSTi track in the Project Window and in the ‘Pool’
and what ever location you picked In the "File Location Field’ (at the top)

Now just mute/delete the original VSTi track and ‘bob’s yer uncle’

HTH (hope this helps)