Spectra Layers 11 will not start in Nuendo 13

In Nuendo 13.0.41 on a Macbook M1 Pro running OS Sonoma 14.5, Spectra Layers Pro 11.0.10 will not start. It’s fine in Cubase 13.0.41.

What do you mean exactly by “will not start” ?

I select the audio, enable the SL extension, and…nothing. SL doesn’t appear even though it says the SL extension is on. So I close Nuendo, go back to Cubase and it works normally. Select the audio, enable the SL extension, and SL opens.

This is the same on Windows 10 Pro! SL Pro 11 does not show as an extension in Nuendo 13.0.41. I had to reinstall SL Pro 10 to use ARA in session.

A reinstall fixed the issue.