Spectra layers 6 Crash

Been trying to get my head around learning Spectralayers but initial uses keep crashing the program
Sequence using Mac Mojave is as follows.
1 Select the wave file I want to work on via Mojave Finder.
2 Select “open with” option and select Spectralayers6
3 Spectralayers opens with the selected wave file loaded.
4 Select Frequency tool Harmonics with default setting of 10 harmonics.
5 Set the time to auto via the check box in control bar at top of screen (default seems to be 10s)
6 start to select frequency in the main window using my Apple trackpad
Dragging across the frequency time crashes the program.

This same sequence and result repeated 3 times in a row.

Possible bug?

Can any one on a Mac see it occurs for them.


No one with a Mojave Os Mac and SPL 6 experiencing this problem?


forums have slowed down quite a bit, I would try and get in contact with support via their official channels