Spectra Layers 8 Frequency vertical bleeding when editing

SpectraLayers is such a powerful tool to work with and It is the best money I have spend on an audio editing software / plugin so far. But unfortunately, I have this strange issue that sometimes erasing or painting in frequencies causes spectra layers to create streaks that bleed vertically. This causes the sound to have noise popping and clipping. I haven´t seen someone to have this issue so perhaps something is wrong on my hardware or computer? The thing is, I am cleaning bird sounds with spectra layers and while erasing unwanted noise around the bird singing it creates ripples of that frequencies up and down like sand flowing. I had to manually try to clean it up until these ripples are gone. There are some other little bugs I wanted to make a list of but this is the most important thing that I need to fix or to be fixed. I have a video showing this but for now I can´t share a link here or upload a video

Hi @Mathias_W there 2 different issues here:

-The first screenshot is not really an issue, doing spectral edits can have micro side effects on the spectrum, and what you see here can be considered negligeable side effects. See the Minimale Amplitude setting in the Display Panel, top right : it’s set at -168dB. It means that those ripples that you see are actually way below -120dB. Anything that you cannot see when setting the Min Amplitude to -120dB will never be heard anyway. And it’s probably best to not set Min Amplitude below -120dB to not be fooled by insignificant micro spectral details.

-The second one is the Frequency Pencil tool generating some artefacts when “impossible” frequency turns are generated, close to transient sounds. I would consider this a minor issue, even though it could probably be improved in a future version of SpectraLayers with a better algorithm.

Yeah, I was going to add that what matters is whether you can hear something or not, not just whether it shows up on a spectral display or not.

Hi :slight_smile:

The thing is, I dialed the min value down that is true. I am unsure though, if I just happen to make a bad representation of this situation. There where these ripples in higher amplitude that was the reason I dialed way down to begin with. Sometimes I would love to give some samples away for other sound designers to work with it. I know they will look into the spectrum of the files. I hope it does not seem like a mess I made. I have to say, regardless of that problem the reason why I am expecting /expected more precision is that spectralayers feels like a photo editor just for sound. And that is a huge deal I just can´t express how much I needed such a software. Unfortunately I missed that Spectralayers Elements does not have the stamp tool but that is offtopic. I guess I need to upgrade in the future for that. I will look after this vertical bleeding and if there is another major annoyance because of that I will let you know.

Thanks for your replies and have a good one!