Spectral display limitations - any improvements planned?

HI, I come at this from Izotope RX . Using the adaptive STFT setting RX has a particular ‘smooth’ look to the spectral display that I like . This is not available in Spectralayers which seems at the moment to use what in RX is called regular STFT which is quite blocky. Are there any changes in the offing to improve the display?

Hi, I don’t see an “adaptative STFT” setting in RX - I see “regular STFT”, “auto-adjustable STFT”, “multi-resolution”, “Adaptively sparse”.
Not sure what you mean by quite blocky, all STFT algorithms have to deal with the constraints of space-time resolution.

If you mean the “Adaptively sparse” mode, this rendering mode in RX seems to show way more spectral artefacts (see the doubled vertical and horizonta lines) than the equivalent in SL:



Detail from the RX adaptively sparse rendering, this almost look like JPEG compression artefacts, I wouldn’t rely on that for proper spectral analysis :


thanks and I must apologise - I went back and just did a fairly rigorous check across both and you are absolutely correct. I was confusing a certain smoothness and contrast which I like with accuracy and detail. And with a bit of work I can get the contrast as I want in Sl.

apologies again


No need to apologise, glad this is clarified :slight_smile: