spectral eciting


Anyone interested in Nuendo having a full featured Spectral Editing view? Saw some useful things demo’d in Sony’s Spectral Layers recently … much better way of locating odd noises and such from dialog tracks!

I’d like it…

I wouldn’t mind that at all, particularly if it turns into a version of iZotope’s RX software. I’d say it’d have to be based on the same foundation so it seems like a path towards that type of restoration is reasonable.

On the other hand it seems like a big thing to do, and I’m not sure there aren’t other things I’d prefer to see first. After all a lot of people already have RX.

But yes, I think it’d be useful if on par with RX.

yep… i suggested spectral slicing/hitpoints.

i could really use it for odd tracks when many sounds are in one wav, such as movie samples.