Spectral layer 11 pro

I updated my SL pro from 10 to 11
I did un unmixed of one song MP3 (my composition) and at the time reach 99% stuck needed about 10 min to give then the unmixed parts
Strange also that one of part (guitare) contain also together the flute
What I am doing wrong?
Aside the time which is now to long to unmixed a song but the unmixed parts are not really unmixed
Any suggestions?
I use same configuration for SL10 pro

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The 99% and the long time unmixing is an issue with SL11. It doesn’t use your GPU when it should.

As to artefacts from other instruments it happens sometimes. It is an algorithm after all.



MP3 is a compressed format. It is generally better to use uncompressed music in formats such as WAV or FLAC.

If it is your own composition, you will also have these formats available.
The result is definitely better!

Greetings, Holger

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The 98/99% issue is being patched soon. GPU capability is being introduced later in an update, but I would keep SL10 installed too for now, there seems a few bugs. Most of the new models are crashing for me such as the unmix multiple voices, sometimes crashing dragging in new audio files etc. It’s a new release so give it time I guess.


Thank you very much Holger
Yes I did it, you are right is much better

I noticed this too and wasn’t certain of its origin. However I also noticed that in SL11, switching processing to my meager RX 580 actually worked and processed much faster than my 1950x GPU. I was pleasantly surprised that an old card like that still has some authority.

I have an RX570 so maybe I should try this in the standalone SL11Pro? How did you set this up? Oops, found it!

I tried this option, to use my dated RX570 and it cut my stem separation time easily in half. :slight_smile: Too, FWIW, I notice that SLP (using either CPU or my video card) rather hangs on 99% for a time - as if it’s a fail - but then it finally moves to 100%. I hope this is something that can be improved, but maybe it is my DAW?

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Morning Mr_roos
I opened a ticket for this issue my *.wav file now is in the hands of Steinberg team.
I hope will be un update also for some other issues

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@mr.roos as said, the hang at 99% is fixed with the upcoming patch

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Thanks Robin
however seems to me that something else need to be fixed
Separation channels is not really working as it was on SL10
I checked both :smiling_face_with_tear:

What is “separation channels” ?
If Unmix Song doesn’t complete on your computer, please wait for the patch that’s coming on monday.

Thank you so much Robin, sorry sometime I mix french, Italien and English (lack of unmixed words):v:
I sent one test file MP3 which was included bass, strings flute and piano.
After unmixed process strings and flute were together, piano sound was distorted but bass was OK
Yes, of course I will wait :+1: