Spectral Layers 11 Trial...Where?

searched the whole steinberg page ,but could not find a way to try spectral layers 11…someone could help me…merci

The trials are usually launched 4-6 weeks after the first public release.


Ahh thank you…now i know …bit strange …but hey maybe they have a plan

Not really. It’s same with Cubase. They never come out at the same time.

… with a plan i mean intentional from steinberg because of better sales from the start on…

Thanks, I looked for a trial to no avail. So I bought SL Pro 11. Now I am not so sure it was a wise choice. I think AI in this type of app is going to be huge. But I am not convinced we are “there yet”.

TBH, I don’t think there will ever be a “there” moment - it just keeps improving over the years, but it’s incremental improvements.
Beyond the AI quality, another differentiating factor of SpectraLayers is that it gives you all the tools to finish the job done by the AI and reach near-perfect results with enough time.


That is simply bizarre. So either you buy it without any hands on experience or you have to wait a month or two for the demo. ?.. That doesn’t seem either smart or right imo…

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