Spectral Layers 7 pro crashing C10.5.20 constantly

Not sure if i should post here or in the Cubase forum so i’ll do both
Im really enjoying Spectral Layers , both programs are working perfectly on their own but when i try to open SL’s as an extension in C10.5.20 it crashes straight away >

Here is my crash Dump file
Cubase 64bit 2020.10.21 (934 KB)

Thanks for reporting. Seems to be a Cubase-side issue.

Hi Robin
Brilliant , thank you for your time . Martin has confirmed the issue and reported it to support

Have a good day

Just to let you know C11 update has fixed this issue , brilliant stuff , love it !

Glad to hear that ! Enjoy the new drag & drop functionality between SL 7 and Cubase 11 :slight_smile:

Yes ive seen this , i haven’t tried it yet but looks brilliant