Spectral Layers ARA 2

Hi guys,

I have bought Spectral Layers Pro 7 and trying to use it in Nuendo. I can use it as an extension and everything seems to work fine at fist. But then when I go back to an audio file afer I have processesd some other files the audio file is mute. It still seems to be there in the edit window, but does not have any sound anymore.

Does anyone have this issue? Am I doing anything wrong?



I use SL7 Pro in ARA2 mode in Reaper occasionally. I haven’t had any playback issues yet.

Thanks. I am not sure if it is just playback. Even though I can see the audio event in the edit window with waves, when I open the SL at the bottom it is empty. I noticed that it is coming back when I close and open the project again. I am in Nuendo 10.3 on a MacBook Pro running Mojave.

Well, I think that puts me out of the ballpark. I’m running Windows 10. Also, I never save anything as a project, so I don’t know whether that would make a difference or not.

I basically apply SL7 Pro as an effect, usually several times in a row. Then I play the file back through Reaper to check the result. The file is displayed in the Reaper window and the SL7 ARA window the entire time – no visual (or aural) glitches at all. I’m sure it would be the same story if I closed everything then reloaded the newly saved file.

Sorry, this probably isn’t much help to you.