Spectral Layers help needed to remove trial

Hi all,
I decide to “test drive” Spectral Layers Pro (SLP) and, after a few plays with it, decided that even though it was a useful programe, it was way to sophisticated for me!
I opted to purchase the Spectral Layers Elements (SLE), as it was cheaper and would probably enable me to clean up my audio recording glitches! I installed SLE from via Steinberg Download Manager and opened up an existing project to familiarise myself with SLE.
My E Licenser shows both SLP AND SLE, and when I open SLE (extension) I get the SLP software, with all the bells and whistles!!
I am now totally confused because the web tuition videos I have seen for SLE is NOT the same as what I see?
I believe I have removed all SLP files from my hard drive, and to be safe I also uninstalled and reinstalled SLE, but I still get SLP when I open the software in Cubase Pro?
I am fast running out of options and ideas and wondered if anyone here had a similar issue OR and idea on how to solve it?
Thanks all!!

I think the application itself is the same for both Pro and Elements versions. It is the license that determines what features are available and what version will start when you run it.

Can you delete the trial license from eLicenser? Not sure if it is possible. If not then just wait until it runs out.

Thanks Misohoza,
I have tried to remove the SLP from my licenser, but cant, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for the trial to end!

Thanks for the reply!!

I confirm you’ll indeed have to wait for the trial to end.