Spectral layers help needed

Hi, I have a vocal track from a live show that has a lot bleed on it…when I use Spectral layers (in Cubase 12) after ‘processing’ it is silent? I see two tracks the background and the vocal but it is all silent….tried this on a few different tracks and always the same result it silences the track…

Can you post a screenshot, before and after applying the unmixing ?

I have this as well.

Unmix Song - perfect.
And every other Unmix seems fine too.

Process - Reduce Reverb - silence after, and on the resulting SL tracks the play cursor doesn’t move with the Cubase cursor any more. I have also had a couple of ‘serious error’ dialogs crashing cubase12/SL10. In fact I’m not sure I have ever even seen the process bar dialog box when doing Process tasks, so it may be crashing right at the start of the job.

This is all in Cubase 12.0.60.

From my initial tests, it works fine in the SL10 standalone programme.

… and one onther thing I just spotted.

If I leave the standalone version on screen and suspend the PC, when I resume the machine, all the menus etc still respond in SL10, but pressing PLAY results in nothing - no sound, no play cursor movement. Maybe this is a pointer to what is going on above…

…further… After resuming the PC with a job on screen, if I just close the project (not SL10) then reload the project, play then works normally again.