Spectral Layers One 7.0.30 upgrade to version 8

I have Nuendo 11, and it came with Spectral Layers One 7. This (Spectral Layers One 7) does not seem to match ANY of the stated upgrade paths on the sales site. The name are not clear to me. Which version on the sales site matches this? I’m trying to get 8, but don’t need to pay for the full version.

I guess you need to buy the full version. Usually there are no upgrade paths from bundled products (like Groove Agent SE, Halion Sonic SE…).

SpectraLayers One is basically a “freebie” with Cubase 11. To my knowledge you can’t upgrade just SpectraLayers One, you need to buy an additional license for either SpectraLayers Pro or SpectraLayers Elements. You can compare editions here.

I have it bundled with Nuendo 11, and was hoping not to have to buy the full version. But… Oh well.
Looks like I’ll have to take the plunge. Thanks all.