Spectral Layers one Upgrade to SL 7 pro

hey guys.
from the cubase 11 we got spectralayers one . which is great
but does that mean i can buy the upgrade to the spactralayers 7 pro for 79$ ? or i have to buy it full for 199?
i cant figure out which one i have to buy

thank you

I’m pretty sure you only qualify for the upgrade if you’ve got Spectralayers Elements.

It´s really very simple: select „updates and upgrades“ then see if you can find „SpectraLayers one“. If you can, select it, if you can not…

SL “One” does not qualify for upgrade, you need to buy the full version.

But it’s good timing to buy it now, since SL is included in the 50% Black Friday sale.
So it’s actually cheaper to buy the full version now, than buying the upgrade normally.