Spectral Layers very CPU Hungry

I have Spectral Layers one in my DAW but it’s very CPU hungry when launched. I would really have loved to use it within Cubase for all my audio editing, but it basically grinds my cpu to a halt. On the flip side, RX8 in standalone mode definitely works well for me. I often use Audio-edit in wavelab function and then use RX as an external editor in wavelab. When done, I click the update in Cubase/Nuendo link to send the edited audio back to my DAW. I was really looking forward to using SL7 in my DAW seamlessly but this cpu thing is making me lean more towards RX. Steinberg please, do something about the CPU gumption of your products.

If you know what SpectraLayers is, and what it does, then the CPU use is unsurprising.

Comparing to RX Standalone is missing the forest through the trees. Expecting comparable CPU usage for both is a bit ridiculous.

Beyond that, you haven’t really shown us what the CPU usage is on your machine, or told us what kind of machine you’re even running these applications on.

Use Spectralayers, then render in place. It will give you a copy of the fixed file and keep the original but not use the cpu.

Hey, we are right now during the time spent moving the entirety of our REST api:s to a graphql programming interface. We are utilizing Apollo worker with koa. When running our exhibition tests we have seen high CPU utilization, despite the fact that bunches of the solicitations are stored in a few layers… Any other individual encountering this? We have done som advancements in our code, however appears as though the CPU eater dwells some place further down… Not certain where to look now. Any thoughts would be profoundly valued.

What does your measurements show? Do you have dormancy percentiles? Is it for a solitary endpoint or is it inside the apollo worker? Maybe you could take a stab at creating a fire diagram with https://www.juicingcollection.com/
Let Me know, the things with it!