Spectral OSC waveform in Macro Page?

Hello, is it possible to show on the Macro Page the Spectral OSC waveform?

It looks like it is possible.

Waveform - HALion Macro Page - Steinberg Developer Help

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what scope have you written? I tried but is not working for me

Ok, I was able to connect it!

But on the manual, there is no indication of how to set up the Play Pos connection it only indicates how to set it up for sample zones (@id:a0064) and grain zones (@id:100064) but there is no indication how to set it up for spectral zones…

Do you have any idea how to show the Play Pos in spectral zones?


Don’t know yet. Hopefully they update the documentation.

Hi, we have updated the doc. You need to connect the the spectral zone using @id:5a0064 (PlayData) to the Play Pos property. You can also connect the Pos parameter of the Spectral osc using @id:5a0014 to the Grain Pos property of the waveform control. (We need to change the name here to Position to be more generic). Unfortunately there’s a bug which currently prevents the dsiplay from showing the play locators for running voices. We will fix that with the next maintenance release.

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