Spectral view wishes and update possibility

Hi dear friends again! Two questions: 1. is there an update discount to 10 Pro(I have Sl 7 Pro) and when if there is? 2. How can I set spectral view like in screen (Adobe Audition) - in SL I can’t get so contrast and clear image of some crackles and squeaks, though I can in AA easily.

  1. Yes, just select this option when you buy SpectraLayers Pro 10:

  2. Just adjust the values in the Display panel at the top right of the interface, in particular Amplitude values, you can also select a colormap (here I set Inferno), and if needed adjust the FFT Size as well:

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Alas, of course I do it every time - the problem is that I never get such a contrast…
By the way, is there a way to save configuration of this display so to do not it every time I do some editing?

There’s an additional setting you can play with to enhance contrast, Brightness Curve. You can reveal this setting by clicking on the Display panel menu button :

With all those settings there’s no reason you could not reproduce the same contrast you’re used to. Otherwise send me the wav file corresponding to your screenshot and I’ll suggest settings that match your screenshot.

Yes you can set default display settings by going to Preferences > Display.

Thank you so much! I didn’t know this! I’ll try everything.