Spectralayer pro 8 standalone full screen; menu and tool selection does not work

when i use Spectralayers Pro 8 standalone, and use full screen, the menu does not respond to clicks, and tool selecton, when a tool as multiple sub-tools (…), with right click, also no response.

this was also before a problem, when using openGL, therefore i used DirectX, can’t seem to find that option, anymore.

windows 10 21H1 Pro, up-to-date, Nvidia gtx 1060 6gb (studio drivers only, latest i believe), i7-6700K, 32gb.

Hi, thanks for reporting. Can you send the logs (Help > Support Info > Logs Folder) to contact [at] divideframe.com ?

will do, i see in the manual i can force to directx, with command line, o that is old… ow well those good DOS times, o well as a developer, you still use command lines…

but will send the log file. thanks!

bought the update without thinking, because well, i am not a cleaner… i am a Sound Brut Designer (makes it less professional). beside the point!

great update again! and perhaps, i am gonna clean more, now… o well sometimes, the most dirty samples, need detailed attention, and that has been improved.

I’ve only just got SLP8 and yes, it’s the same thing here. Just making the program a bit under full screen solves the problem.

But this is not the first time its happened with SLP. The same thing occurred years ago with SLP5 I think it was, and I don’t recall that the display problem with the menus was solved throughout SLP5’s release period.

Hi there, there is an issue and we are investigating that. The work arround is currently not to use the Full Screen (Windows Taskbar is not visible ) mode or enabling the Windows Taskbar option “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”. cheers Kay