SpectraLayers 10.0.10 Maintenance Update and Trial Version available

Dear all,

the first update patch for SpectraLayers 10, version 10.0.10 is now available.

This update introduces important improvements to the application, including hardware acceleration support for certain AI-processes on Windows systems, as well as several issue resolutions in different areas.

The installers are available to download from the Steinberg website and via the Steinberg Download Assistant .

For a detailed list of improvements and issue resolutions, please refer to the version history.

Also, the trial version of SpectraLayers 10 is available now to try the application for free for 30 days. You can download it here .

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SpectraLayers 10.0.10. July 2023

This version contains the following improvements and issue resolutions.


  • New hardware acceleration support for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel GPUs for certain AI-processes (Windows only).

  • New Hindi and Arabic support for “Unmix > Transcription”.

  • New “Edit > Paste Special > Paste and Mix” command to add the content of the clipboard to existing content.

  • New “Duplicate” button for the Transform Selection tool, to duplicate a selection multiple times.

  • New “Transcription” timeline contextual menu to export transcriptions.

Issues resolved

VST 3 effects now automatically select the slot that a new VST plug-in is assigned to.

Switching between different VST 3 plug-ins in the effects rack no longer stops playback.

The text of value sliders now renders correctly on non-high DPI screens.

An issue has been fixed where layers were not being merged properly when the layer above had a non 0 dB volume or inverted polarity.

The Custom high DPI preference setting is now applied correctly on Windows.

Reordering the position of a layer per drag and drop in the Layers panel now works as expected.

An Online Help action for Transform and Transform Selection tools is now available.
“Move to the Next Event” now considers spectral markers timing.

Default resolution preference is now always applied to new projects.


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