Spectralayers 10.0.10 Not using GPU Acceleration when using ARA Extension

Hi there,

GPU acceleration works great in the application, however does not work when using the ARA extension in Cubase. I’ve made sure to change the options, shut down Cubase, re-open, and have double-checked that the “NVidia GeForce 3070Ti” is selected (my card). It is, but still no GPU acceleration, only CPU is utilised as shown in Task Manager.

Just thought I’d report how it works (or doesn’t) on my system. Cheers.

Windows 10 Pro x64 (1904)
Cubase 12.0.70
Spectralayers Pro 10.0.10
GeForce 3070Ti graphics (531.61 Studio Driver)

SL10.0.10 GPU processing works great in standalone but not in Cubase 12…60 SOLVED - SpectraLayers - Steinberg Forums

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Thanks very much! Working as intended now. Saves so much time vs CPU processing!

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Oohhhh yes , it’s an incredible speedy update :+1:

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