SpectraLayers 10.0.50 strange behavior

Nuendo 13.0.21 / SpectraLayers 10.0.50

I wanted to edit a part of an audio file with SpectraLayers. First of all, I could no longer find the “Extensions” field, neither in the Track Inspector nor in the menu. So I updated to the latest version of SpectraLayers.

After the update, everything was displayed as usual again. Now I marked the audio part to be cleaned up and applied SpectraLayers to it via ARA.

To my surprise, SprectraLayers “read” all parts of the audio clip (20 minute long file). After the repair, I noticed that Nuendo became insanely slow when cutting the audio clip in question and crashed at some point.

The same thing happened after restarting the backup project. SpectraLayers first reads in the entire audio file and then Nuendo is very slow and crashes again after a few cuts. At the moment I’m trying to get the project running again somehow…

Meanwhile it takes about 20 Minutes to open this Project.

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