SpectraLayers 10 : annoying pop-up

How do I get rid of that thing?

Where and when does the pop-up appear?

Every time I open SpectraLayers 10, bundled with Nuendo 13.

We use SpectraLayers Pro, so I didn’t install One on the studio computer. So I’m probably not going to be much help and have to ask you some stupid questions: Does the program work when you click away from the pop-up, or does the program quit?

Next update (coming in a couple weeks) will allow you to adjust the frequency of the pop up.
If you use SpectraLayers One as an ARA plugin in Nuendo, you should not see it - it only shows automatically when using the standalone version.

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Hopefully, “Never” will be an option…

That’s already an option in the software’s preferences > System. But that also cuts update notifications, which are pretty valuable.

Already? I dont see it…

Indeed the option isn’t there in SpectraLayers One. Next patch will fix that.