Spectralayers 10 not showing up in Cubase 12 (Audio/Extension) - solution Windows


So I installed Spectralayers from the Download Assistant and that installs Spectralayers to the default location being C:/Program Files… However I wanted to have it in D: so I installed it manually. Then the ARA plugin didn’t show up in Audio/Extensions. of Cubase

I copied the Spectralayers.vst3 file found in the ARA/VST3 folder where you have Spectralayers to the Common Files/VST3 folder where all VST3 plugins reside and then started Cubase and lo and behold the ARA extension was recognized and functions without problems.

Hint to the developers/packagers. Add the option where to install the VST3 during the setup procedure and locate the default VST3 folder by searching the registry key of Cubase for that path.



That’s where SpectraLayers installer automatically copies its VST3 plugin as well (%CommonProgramFiles%\VST3 which on most machine points to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3)

thanks, SpeedyG! Same problem after first fixing the problem of Elements 10 showing up as Elements One , after upgrading to Cubase 13 (which was solved by uninstalling previous versions of Cubase and re-authorizing and installing SpectraLayers Elements). Then it only showed as a standalone, but not as an extension in Cubase. Then copied and moved the Spectralayers.vst3 as you described above, restarted Cubase and bingo.