Spectralayers 10 one?

Where can i donwload the one version. I tried as for sl9 to install a pro version, but when i launch it, it asks for a key, which i don’t have.
As a cb 12 pro user, is the one version still included?
Thanks in adv.

Cubase Pro 12 still comes with SL One but it’s version 9. I don’t think there’s a free upgrade to SL One 10 (if this edition is already available at all).

Hum… i see. Thank for quick reply.

I guess you need to ask a Steinberg representative to get a reliable answer. But since Cubase 12 comes with SL One 9, a stripped-down version of SL Pro 9, and since the Steinberg store page doesn’t offer any update/upgrade options for SL One, there’s probably no upgrade path from One to Pro. So I suppose, you need to buy a new license of SL Elements or SL Pro which then qualifies for future upgrades.

SL Pro 9 never came with Cubase Pro 12.
There has never come any SL Pro with Cubase.
The SL that comes with Cubase Pro is SL One of various generations (8, 9…).

It has never been possible to upgrade from an SL One version and it’s still not possible.

I read these questions about SL One almost every week on this forum and it seems that Steinberg communication on the matter is not very clear to Cubase customers, it’s easy to be mislead . A small note on the product page would have been appropriate.

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If you go to buy SpectraLayers 10 on the UK online store and select any of the options under “Updates & upgrades”, there is a warning in the right-hand panel above the Add to cart button that says “Important: SpectraLayers One (included in Cubase and Nuendo) does not qualify for an update / upgrade.”

Problems have arisen with people believing they got SpectraLayers Pro 8 free with Cubase or Nuendo when they are actually using the unexpired portion of a 25-hour All Applications licence on a USB eLicenser. This is an emergency or interim licence, which cannot be used to buy SpectraLayers Pro at the version update price.

That’s great, didn’t know that. That message wasn’t there from the beginning, when SL One first got bundled with Cubase.

When I upgraded to Cubase Pro 12 from 11, it came with SL One 7. After a while I discovered it was upgraded to SL One 8. Same with SL One 9. These upgrades happened automatically. Probably with updates from Cubase Pro 12. I don’t know. But after the update of Cubase Pro 12 from last June 16th, I saw no upgrade of SL One. So that is still version 9. I am not sure if an upgrade of SL One 9 to 10 would be useful, since SL One has a lot less functionallity compared to the full version of SL. But if the stem separation algorythm has improved (it appears to be very good in SL 10), then an upgrade to SL One 10 would be very welcome, I think.