SpectraLayers 11 - History gone after saving and re-opening a project

How can I undo actions in a project after saving and re-opening it? The history panel is empty after re-opening a project.

By design - like most audio editing softwares. This also avoid project files getting too big.

Good to know. The question arose because the history is saved in RX projects.


You’re right! But (and this is a huge but) a lot of computers today should be able to handle huge project file sizes. 16 GB of ram is now considered low-end and now 32 GB is considered the norm and it’s the same thing with storage (where 2tb is now considered the normal).

Well, if such a feature should be implemented, I think it should be entirely optional for each individual project, maybe with a globally selectable default-setting for those who really want it or need it.
Personally, I’m glad that all the cache files are deleted automatically once I close a project, as working a lot with the various brush-tools (like Eraser) for detailed edits clutters up my drive really fast. For my kind of work a saved history would most likely be pointless. And if I want to have a backup to a certain edit point, I can do that via a copy to a new layer/group within the same project, or as a whole new project file.

I agree with Laturec; the catch file buildup could rapidly reach gargantuan levels, like several GB or even several hundreds of GB (when using the Transfer tool, which could be a buggy behaviour though).
I’m glad the catch is emptied when I close down SpectraLayers, even if SSL storage is cheap nowadays.

Yes, the cache size getting out of control is fixed with the patch coming on monday :slight_smile:


One feature that touches the subject would be incremental saving, like that in Cubase.

That wouldn’t punish the storage volumes as much as a saved cache/undo history, but one could still reach earlier versions of the projects that one has chosen to save at strategic moments. .