Spectralayers 11 PRO is only using 30% of RAM

Does anyone know how to get Spectralayers to use all RAM?
I’ve updated my BIOS to the latest version

And have taken recommended steps to alter Virtual memory settings
See Windows
See Motherboard

I could be completely wrong, but maybe it would use more RAM, yet no more was needed than what it shows?

Thanks for responding, the thing is its super slow, and I want it to maximise the ram to speed it up, wasn’t sure if its a setting in Spect

That’s not how it work - you can’t maximize RAM, a software will just use what’s needed for its computations.
What is super slow in particular ? Maybe I can give you some hints.

It will seem slow compared SL10 if that’s what you mean. I would keep SL10 installed if you feel those models will work for you and then maybe batch overnight the SL11 ones.

As an aside. it’s no longer recommended to do that with modern Windows (see here). That’s not the problem here though, and neither is it your RAM.

Any idea what the problem is? or where I should be focusing?

Thanks, well a 3 min song takes about 11mins which makes it impractical.

If you’re using the extreme mode that’s expected because it’s… extreme, as the name says - you can go for “High” for a much faster unmixing.

That being said, if you really want to speed up unmixing, just use an AI-capable GPU (such as a NVIDIA GeForce RTX or an AMD Radeon RX) - that will go 4 to 10 times faster than any CPU (specially with the upcoming patch).

Your Haswell CPU is an architecture that’s over 10 years old.

Indeed good catch, yes an Haswell CPU is much outdated for this kind of task…
As specified in SpectraLayers 11 requirements, a 10th gen Intel CPU or higher is recommended, specially when using AI modules.