SpectraLayers 11 Selection Fades and Bugs

Hello @Robin_Lobel , so far I like the new feature to adjust time and frequency fades of selections with the right-mouse-click context menu. I noticed that there are fade options in the context menu when using the freeform Lasso Selection tool, but not for the Polygonal Lasso Selection. Will the option be added?

Furthermore I noticed that fades with the Time Range Selection tool and Frequency Range Selection tool do not work properly.

Regarding the Time Range Selection tool, I found that with a setting for Frequency Scale of “Linear” (which I always work with), there is no visible time fade applied to the selection (whether I set any before, or within the context menu). Any processing (e.g. Delete, Gain, Cut/Copy to New Layer) is indeed applied with hard edges (no fade).
If I change the Frequency Scale to “Mel”, “Bark” or “ERB”, the fades are at least visibly there in the selection. But any processing is applied with hard edges (no fade).
If I change to “MIDI-logarithmic”, there is only a line of marching ants displayed at the beginning of the selection in the spectral view, although you can see the selected range in the waveform above. Any processing is applied to the full selected range, but with hard edges (no fade).

Regarding the Frequency Range Selection tool I can say that any processing is also applied with hard edges (no fade), independent of any settings I tested.
What is even more weird, that the selection itself looks correct with longer files and zoomed out view, but with short files or more zoomed in, the selection visibly looses any fades. In my case, on a 4k display with no High-DPI-scaling, SpectraLayers in fullscreen, the threshold is at about 35 to 36 seconds of visible Time Range. When I put SpectraLayers in windowed mode, change the size of the window, or change the size of the right panel area in SpectraLayers, the threshold changes… So seems like whether a set fade for the Frequency Range Selectionis drawn or not, depends on the actual size of the main spectral/waveform viewport (and so is dependent on screen resolution, fullscreen/windowed mode, possibly DPI-scaling ?).

If it helps, I can make a recording of the issue.

SpectraLayers Pro 11 Standalone, Windows 11 Pro 23H2.

Hi @Laturec I confirm all these issues are fixed in the upcoming patch, as well as Polygonal Lasso allowing dynamic fading :slight_smile:

Yes, with the update 11.0.10 it works well again.
There is still a visual error with the Time Range Selection tool in combination with “MIDI-logarithmic” Frequency Scale (just a line of marching ants), but modifications are applied correctly.

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I could open a new topic for this, but it still concerns selections, so here we go.

I noticed that there is no audio playing within an active selection after opening a file or project. It does not seem to matter what kind of selection tool is used, as long as the selection covers the full spectral range. Selection fades are played without issue, so the selection must be additionally at “full opacity”.
As soon as I change the FFT Size in the Display panel, the issue is resolved, probably for the rest of the active session, until I close and reopen the project.
I tested with WASAPI and ASIO, at 44100 Hz and 48000 Hz, all with the same result. The set FFT Size after opening does not seem to matter.

Here a short capture with a 44100 Hz noise sample:

Thanks for the video, that’s very informative. Will try to repro here.