Spectralayers 7 crash after deleting time

I have a crash that I think I can mostly reproduce. If I delete time at the beginning of a file such that (for some reason) the time ruler now starts at a negative time, some other commands may cause a hard crash. For example, I open a file, delete 3 seconds from the beginning and then try to delete a frequency range, either the program crashes or it deletes the whole file and not only the specified frequency range.

Another variant of this is that if after deleting time all of the remaining sound is in the “negative time” portion of the ruler, if I try to export a sound file it says there is no data to export.

Any ideas on what to do, and why the time displays a negative value in the first place? I don’t see how starting a file before 0.00 could be a feature. My intention is to delete a chunk of the file to trim the length, and for some reason these other things happen.


Spectralayers PRO version, PC info in signature.

After further probing the software, if appears the fault may come from an error when dragging the mouse to select a time period at the start of the file. When working on the edge of the display, normally one drags the mouse “too far” in order to ensure you capture everything, fast. (in this case it’s too far left), as far as it can go. Then, when pressing the key command for “delete time” the dialog shows that instead of starting the deletion from 0:00:00, it starts at a negative value that depends on the length of the file and the zoom. I suspect the number corresponds to whatever the width of the toolbar means in the scale shown in the ruler.

Thanks for reporting, adding it to the list for the next update.

Great. Will that be still for the 7.x release?

Yes, it will be.

Great, thanks for the info Robin