Spectralayers 7?


Did you ever see it for less when on sale?

Just found another way to get Spectralayers 6 and 7.

Get Sound Forge Pro 14 Suite
$250 upgrade price. Valid until June 28, 2020

SF14 can host an ARA plugin and SL7 is an ARA plugin.
SL7 can run as an ARA plugin in Studio One, Cubase, Cakewalk, Reaper and Samplitude

Yes, last Spectralayers new release (already within Steinberg family) had a loyalty building upgrade offer. It only lasted a few weeks though and was not widely promoted:

Upgrade to SL6 from SL5 = $50
This one I remember it quite well

Plus, there were scaled pricing for older versions… not sure about the prices though.
Upgrade to SL6 from SL4 = $75
Upgrade to SL6 from earlier versions $125

Thanks for the info.

The above is a very good deal if you were interested in both the SF14 and SL7.
I have little interest in Sound Forge or any audio editor as most of the capability I have in Studio One. Or do I?

Yup. Same here! I have zero interest (and its dumb!) to be buying an old version of a windows only audio editor like Sound Forge just so I can get Spectral Layers. @steinberg sales and marketing group… you really should look into offering an incentive for current loyal steinberg customers.

A special price for Cubase owners and those posting about SL on their or even other forums. Developers forget to reward the individuals that post about their products. I know I have bought products due to discovering them on a forum and as it happens this is how I came about to discover Spectralayers.

Sound Forge 14 is the current version. The Samplitude Pro X5 Suite the Sound Forge included is version 13. I might have jumped on the Samplitude Pro X5 Suite deal for $250 if it included Sound Forge 14 with SL6 and SL7.

How are you doing with SL6?

For pricing of Spectralayers 7 they may well increase the price to match the cost of:
Infinity by Hit n Mix https://hitnmix.com/
Melodyne 5
If they add many new features to SL7 well then the price increase may well be justified.
Look at what Steinberg sells Wavelab for: A lot of $$$!

This got me thinking that I should take the deal:
Sound Forge Pro 14 Suite
https://www.magix.com/us/music/sound-fo … =pro-suite
$250 upgrade price. Valid until June 28, 2020
For me this is a better deal the getting Samplitude Pro X5 Suite with SF13 and SL6/7 for $250.

Heck, I just realized that I have the Huion graphics tablet that I used for Photoshop which will come in handy when working with Spectralayers 7. To be released in July? With a great intro price? Speak up if you know.


Purchasing SL6/7 via Sound Forge 14 Pro Suite will allow me to use SL 6/7 fully inside Cubase via ARA2 etc…? How does the licensing work…? There’s no dongle involved (I see no reference to it on the Magix site)… So it must be a soft eLicenser mechanism - which means its use is tied to a single machine (stand-alone or via ARA2 - Cubase on the same machine, obviously.)

Am I missing anything…?

Sorry, a bit rushed but found this
hope it helps.


Ok - thanks @Vas314.

I did see that earlier thread - but its regarding purchases through Steinberg shop only. What I was curious about, was for any insight as to whether MAGIX might be handling this any differently…? I guess not.

So, it will be a soft eLicenser install (redeemable via Steinberg shop/email with an activation code), tying SL to a single machine only.

Unless - you were to purchase a dongle at a later date maybe, then transfer the license to it, install SL on multiple machines and run it like you would Cubase with a dongle… :wink:

I have the same concern about what issues may arise if I purchase from Magix.
Magix does state it as Steinberg Spestralayers 6/7 so I suppose it will be ok.

I already have Cubase elicenser so have not done any research about this.

So currently I am looking forward to SL7.
My expectations are high so I hope the release will not disappoint me.

I am still undecided how to proceed to getting SL7 as I do not know what will likely be the lowest price between now and release date.

I’m still kicking myself for not picking up SL6 at the launch price. I’ll be getting SL7 most likely but just hope the launch price is as good a % discount. With SL now being Steinberg I’d be very wary of getting it from Magix just in case.

The sale has been extended to July 12, 2020
Sound Forge Pro 14 Suite

Samplitude Pro X5 Suite with SF13 and SL6/7 for $250.
The sale is still on as of today.

To my way of thinking the question is how close will SpectraLayers 7 be to Hit’n’Mix Infinity.

Perhaps Robin and the Hit’N’Mix developer Martin Dawe should persuade the Steinberg empire to finance a merge and conquer the spectral editor space.

If I can get Spectralayers 7 for $225 I will go for it.
I do not think the SL7 when released will have a lower than $200 intro price.

Magix Samplitude Pro X5 Suite Upgr. $225
Recent sale price $250 online.

I emailed Thomann to confirm if Spectralayers 7 is included.

This could be a plausible price nowadays.
Bear in mind that some of us, loyal users, in the past have bought several times that price, which had been the regular yearly upgrade price since the early SonyCreative days, and also at Magix’s time.
Of course there were pre-launch offers, upgrade paths and occasional sales, as there always were differentiated customers and timings to acquire SL. However at 7th version there is a trail already walked.

At 2020 there are other relevant players at the Spectral edition field. Reaper DAW has incorporated an spectral editor and they are an important player. IZotope has been developing their AI and workflow technologies and last year the RX line skipped its anual update so it is bound to happen this year. Also one of the early pioneers Photosounder by Michel Rouzic
https://photosounder.com/ has only recently completed a complete -years worth- rework of its custom software framework. Updates and novelties are just around the corner.

///A welcome to newcomers coming aboard, hoping their time invested in price search and the different offers available to get in, ultimately support the development work already invested, much the same way that old customers have been supporting it, some of us several times over.

Thus allowing for scaled differentiated support (cost) according to loyalty, while also facilitating dedicated offers to specific customers and channels (crossgrades, timed sales, etc), the way that Steinberg have been doing with Cubase and Spectralayers 6, seems like the way to go.

Thanks for the info.

IIRC it was in Gearslutz in 2019 someone mentioned the Spectralayers inrto sale but did not mention the price.
Found this in Gearslutz “50% off introductory offer” so looks like $150. So looks like $150 will be on the low end not $200 I mentioned earlier.

Excellent Gearslutz thread on SL6:
How much better will SL7 be!!!

For me it is the Photoshop like features that SpectraLayers has. Love the selection tools and the what can be done with the selections.
This is ideal for experimentation. With little research I did could not find another spectral editor has such selection and move/resize/modify tools. This is why I am looking forward to getting SL7. A low sale price will make it possible.

Photosounder is now on sale for $39 at Plugin Boutique
Recently what has been the lowest sale price?