Spectralayers 8 Pro (Extension) Causes Nuendo to Become More and More Unresponsive

I’m in the process of detailed dialogue editing on sound for a feature film. Before I started work on on this edit I did a clean installation of Windows 10, Nuendo 11, Spectralayers Pro 8 and the Sonnox, UA and SSL plugins I intended to use.

So far I have been working my way through two primary characters cleaning up their dialogue. I’ve used Spectralayers - via the Extension function - on around ten clips in the project, most of them on the track of one character I’m working on.

I’ve noticed, as I’ve moved further through the project that the responsiveness of clip adjustments has begun to lag more and more. Making adjustments to position boundaries, fade handles and clip volume on the tracks that Spectralayers has been used on has become painfully slow. At this point I can make an adjustment and then sit and wait for it to update (or often not change at all) for ten to fifteen seconds. This is on all clips on that track, not just the ones affected by Spectralayers.

Other clips on non-Spectralayers-affected tracks are far more responsive. The VST Performance meter sits constantly at around 25-30%. Disk load is almost nil regardless of playback or pause.

When I tried uninstalling Spectralayers and it was, hence, no longer factored into the project, the project and all clips went back to the wonderful feel and responsiveness I expect from Nuendo. Reinstalling Spectralayers reinstated the problem.

I have submitted a support ticket with Yamaha Australia but experience shows they seem to be too busy to reply these days.

Just wondering if anyone might shed any light on this?
I run a dual hex core 3.06GHz XEON system based on an Intel board. 24 GB RAM. Most of my hard drives are SSD’s. My version of Windows 10 is from a few months ago. Nuendo 11 is the current update. Spectralayers 8 Pro is not the very latest version. However, I have tried the latest and the project hangs during loading.

Also I have tested this on three separate Windows machines. The results have all been the same. I am currently trying to test it on a Mac but having similar loading issues.

Thank you very much.

I can understand the problem and I totally agree with you

for me I use spectralayers nearly in every project small and big
but I just don’t make the extension always on

I finish working on track A, then I bounce the change and usually if I’m sure that I done from this stage I’ll disable the original - unedited track / and release the extension

so I work in a way that no track is using the extension without being in the process of editing/fixing/ etc.
then I hide the original track as a backup and keep going… usually I don’t need to go back but if I do then I’ve the original unedited clip, ready.

I hope this become better on the next version of nuendo as - like cubase it will allow us to add the extension on the track itself instead of clips.

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Hi Soushi,
Thank you for your reply. It’s good to know that it’s not just something peculiar to my project / computers or some kind of operator error. I’m just wondering now why more people aren’t talking about this…? I haven’t been able to find any reference to it in my searches.

Surely there are more people out there trying to use Spectralayers extensively in Cubase & Neundo projects…

I’m now starting to go back through and render each clip that I’ve used Spectralyers on. Not happy about the loss of control and options that this implies. (I would also like to not have to wait for paid upgrades for this issue to be resolved. It seems like something that should have been addressed in previous updates.)

Thank you for your response though.

I think the simple answer is that " we have different use cases / and worflows "

so if someone use spectralayers in few clips in his projects he may not have this problem
same thing apply on small projects, workflow difference like what I mentioned on my previous reply

best regards