Spectralayers 8 Suggestion

Steinberg, Is it possible for you to create a (MUTE SELECTION TOOL)?

Let me Explain.
Any selection or multiple selections get dead silence and the muted selection or multiple selections get sent to a new layer. Therefore, if something is not right or you mute something that’s wrong you can import it back into the original layer.
Does that make sense?

Just caught another brain storm.
Lets say you have the brush tool or box selector tool and you make a selection on a conga sound.
It would be cool to be able to have every other conga that’s not selected to be removed or soloed thoughout playback of the file. While there’s selections or single. At the top where the intensity menu, is where the option would be. Checked it’s soloed. Unchecked means muted.
Does that make sense?

Let me see if I understand you correctly. You mean a new tool that would mute what’s selected (instead of playing what is selected)? Is that right

Meaning, when you nornally use any tool within spectralayers and make any selection , the rest of the audio gets muted and only the selection plays but you want a tool that would automatically delete/mute whatever is selected so only the rest of the audio is heard?

Yes gets muted/ removed and sent to a new layer. Throughout the whole file. Whatever sound piece is selected, all other similiar sound frequencies are also muted/removed regardless if they were selected or not.

What you’re looking for might already exist, if I understood your description correctly:
Edit > Cut Special > Cut to New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+X)
This will send everything that’s selected to a new layer. You can then mute that new layer, or merge it back if needed.

Regarding “all other similar sound frequencies are also muted/removed”, then before doing the Cut thing, you would have to click Select > Select Similar…

Understood, Just doesn’t work right. What I’m thinking about is how isse works…