SpectraLayers 8 unmix vocals crash/Hard reboot

Continuing the discussion from Bug: SpectraLayers One 7 - Hard PC reboot after "Unmix Vocals":

I have this issue on a new MacBook Pro using SpectraLayers 8 which makes SpectraLayers unusable. Cubase repro:

  1. Generate empty project 44.1 kHz.
  2. Drag MP3 (256 kBit/s) into program window.
  3. Select audio part, right click, extension Spectralayers.
  4. Chose “unmix vocals”.
    OSX reboots immediately (hardest possible crash). No logs are generated.

My system
OS Monterey
2021 MacBook Pro
M1 MAX Chip
64GB of Ram

-Which exact version of SpectraLayers and Cubase ?
-Do you also experience the crash if you make sure the layer is highlighted in SpectraLayers Layers panel ?

Cubase 12 Pro 12.0.10 and SpectraLayers 8.0.20. It crashes after I highlight the audio file. I tried it both in Rosetta mode and regular Native mode.

Would you be able to record a video of the issue with a smartphone ?

It’s not allowing me to use the format from my iPhone 12

You can upload the video on a web service such as https://wetransfer.com/ addressing it to contact [at] divideframe [dot] com.

Thanks, got it. It doesn’t reboot the computer though ?
The issue looks similar to others having a crash when unmixing stems: all you have to do is click the layer first in the Layers panel (bottom right of SpectraLayers) to highlight it. Then you can do the unmixing. This will be fixed in an upcoming Cubase patch, likely coming by the end of this month.

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No it sis not crash the computer it just closes down Cubase. Thank you for the update info!