SpectraLayers 9 crashes Cubase 12 (Please HELP!)

Hi there :slight_smile: !

I’ve activated SpectraLayers Pro 9 on my system and now it’s impossible to open any Cubase 12 projects that include ARA2 SpectraLayers editings.

I need to solve this right away because I’m in the middle of a mastering job for a client who needs to have the project finished inmediatly.

Please help!

Kind regards.

@albridi Hi, what platform are you on ? (windows/mac)
Can you open SpectraLayers 9 standalone, and click Help > Support Info > Logs Folder and upload all the files here ?

Hi @Robin_Lobel, thanks for your answer :slight_smile: .

I’m running Windows 10 on PC.

Yes, the standalone app seems to work fine. Regarding the logs, I’ve sent them to Steinberg and I’m waiting their response on the information they contain.

Kind regards.

@albridi Please send them to me, I’m the developer of SpectraLayers. If you don’t want to post them in this thread, you can send them to me in PM or by email to contact [at] divideframe (dot) com.

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Thanks @Robin_Lobel, I’m sending you a PM :slight_smile: .


An update: I recovered the project by moving the SpectraLayers VST3 out from the Common Files/VST3 folder and removing all ARA edits from the tracks. Then I saved it with a new name.

Of course, this is not the ideal scenario, but at least it is not the worst.

Anyway, if there could be a solution to recover the projects with all previous editions, that would be much better :slight_smile: .


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Hi! I’m having the same problem. Did you find any permanent fix that doesn’t include taking out SpectralLayers out of the folder?

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Hi @joaquinsantos :sunglasses:!

Sadly, I have to say that I couldn’t find a solution to this problem. Finally, I decided to make the SpectraLayers edits permanent. This was the only way I found to get the job done.

The way I proceeded was as follows: I made a new version of the track to be edited. I put the SpectraLayers ARA extension on it. Then, I made all the edits. Finally, I made all the edits permanent.

If you do it that way and you change your mind affterwards, you can always go back to your previous track version and discard the SpectraLayers edits.

I have to say that Steinberg technical support has told me that maybe by removing all Cubase and SpectraLayers preferences, all previous versions included, and letting the programs regenerate them, would solve the problem.

I did it by deleting all the Cubase and SpectraLayers folders in C:\users->“username”-> AppData-> Roaming->Steinberg, but after that I haven’t worked with SpectraLayers again, so I can’t confirm if this action solved the problem.

Please note that deleting these folders will remove all the preferences you have set up over the years.

King regards.

Hi, thanks for reporting. Are you using the latest Cubase 12.0.40 version?

Hi @Kay_Thomsen, thanks for supporting :slight_smile: .

I’m using Cubase 12.0.52, but haven’t worked with SpectraLayers again, so I can’t confirm if the issue has been resolved.


I’m running Cubase 11 on a Mac Book Pro. I’m having the same problem. When In open Spectral Layers Cubase crashes.

@Daniel_Lockhart What version of SpectraLayers ? What license of SpectraLayers do you have activated in the Steinberg Activation Manager ?

I am using mac, but same here :wink:
I am using Cubase 12.0.70 and SpectraLayers 9.0.20.
and I have a license of SpectraLayers One.
And my version of MacOS is Ventura 13.5.1.

Can’t repro, try reinstalling SpectraLayers 9 ?

I already tried it many times, but didn’t work.

  • I solved the problem. It was because of Crashing of SL9 and SL10.
    I deleted all .vst3 of SL and reinstalled SL9.
    It works now :slight_smile:
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