SpectraLayers 9 doesn't save my edits

Hi there :slight_smile: !

I’m creating a new post because I ran into another problem today: SpectraLayers 9 doesn’t save my edits.

I did a lot of edits to several clips on different tracks. I’ve been working on the project by opening and closing Spectralayers ARA here and there. Suddenly, the order of the SpectraLayers layers was randomly rearranged. This surprised me, but did not worry me.

I closed my Cubase 12 session and went to sleep.

Today when I opened the project, SpectraLayers said “Transferring” as usual, but my edits are not there. ARA symbols can be seen on each clip, but edits don’t work at all. Everything I fixed came back to sound like there were no edits.

This is the third time I’ve had to make edits, so I have decided to work like this: When I finish all the edits on a clip, I make the ARA edits permanent. If I don’t do it this way, I lose all the changes.

Please check this problem too. This is very annoying.

Kind regards.

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Hi @albridi would you be able to share that Cubase project that lost its edits so I can track down the issue? So the project in the state it was when you opened it up and saw the edits were lost.

Hi @Robin_Lobel thanks for supporting :slight_smile: .

Unfortunately, I overwrote the project with new edits and made these new versions permanent. It’s the only way I’ve found to keep my edits.

By the way, I have sent you two dmp files by WeTransfer to the email you gave me by PM. The email is related to crossfades and edits causing Cubase 12 to crash. Have you been able to check them?

Kind regards.