SpectraLayers 9 non modal feature to improve

Sure SL9 just came out today, but the advertisement was not clear everywhere. I was excited about the new non modal dialog boxes. I thought I could open dialog boxes and work the way I want BUT it is limited to one window at a time only…
So frustrating, so please could you make it possible to open all window boxes “à la Izotope RX”.
For VST3 processing, it could be a big workflow improvement. You can extend this idea to processing chain and presets too.
Maybe for next version :wink:

Oh, it makes me sad because I read the advertisement and I was very excited about remove modal mode from the dialog boxes (it’s so annoying!)… In the fact whole SpectraLayers GUI should be re-write, it’s inconsistent with other Steinberg application.
One question more: is there in SL9 “split” between register and process windows? So you have to open one window to register (noise for example) and open second window for remove registered noise? Anybody knows what is the advantage of “two-window-style” processing? Why we should do processing in this way?

@Stern that’s indeed on the roadmap for the next version, but dynamic preview+non-modal+presets already required large architecture changes, so multiple dialogs at once will be the next step.

@Gades to be clear dialog boxes are indeed non-modal in SL9. You can do things like spectral selections or editing, layer activation and management while having a process dialog opened.
What behavior do you find inconsistent ? Because between Cubase, Wavelab and Dorico, that’s 3 completely different workflows and UI/UX.

Also new in SL9, you can register noise print and process from a single dialog, which should answer your second question:

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Thank you, it’s clear for me now and looks very promising! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Robin for your feedback. The future is bright ! By the way the ARA improvement is very welcomed in SL9. I work mainly in Samplitude and the integration is more robust now ! thanks for the hard work.

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