SpectraLayers 9

I purchased SL8 pro just over 4 months ago. Am I entitled to a free upgrade to 9?

I’m in the same boat. Have SL8 Pro update not activated (still using SL7 pro) , but grace period hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, like it was done on N12 for example.

the grace period is always a bit of strange subject…

but for instance for Cubase Artist/Pro, it was (and still is) at the moment of activation, you get the latest version, i.e. the version at the moment of activation.

the grace period is when buy a version before a new one comes.

but this worked for cubase, and seems it still works. can’t garantue, that it works for spectralayers…

but it seems so…

Yeah, it would have been nice to get at least a official confirmation from either steinberg or Robin, regarding this matter.

There has to be some sort of grace period. For example, for people who bought SL8 Pro last week. My question is whether the grace period includes late February and, if so, how do I take advantage of it.

I bought SL 8 less than 2 weeks ago and was told that I qualified for the GP. I opened the eLicenser Control Center this morning (following the announcement) and hit repair. It changed SL 8 to Grace Period status. What followed was an overly convoluted exercise in logging into my account (via web browser), redeeming the GP voucher, opening the eCC again to authorize SL 9. Then I had to convert it to the Steinberg Activation Manager to move the license from eLicenser to the SAM.

It all worked, but was a lot of hoops to jump through.

Strangely, there was nothing from Steinberg about redeeming my GP. It was all a bit hunt and peck mixed with trial and error. As much money as I’ve invested in their products, they could be better with communication.


Alright, thanks. Since I received no notification and “repair” is greyed out in the LCC, it’s a pretty safe bet February is outside the grace period. Which I expected. Would be nice if it had been stated from the getgo.

Graceperiod seems to be working. SL9 Pro installed and activated :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, but when I add the activation code I get a message that there is nothing to activate. The license shows that I have one for a full upgrade of v8 to v9.

how did you try to activate it?

you recieve a Download Access Code, that you must enter in the Steinberg Download Assistent.

and because, well, why is not important. you must manually activate it in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

not via the eLicenser (but maybe i misunderstood…)

Well I think I did it all by the book, otherwise it would not download the software. But I must admit that I always have problems when I do an update with one of these programs of Steinberg.

OK, Finally I have the PRO version. After an afternoon of annoying even agitation of not being able to get in contact with Steinberg via support I found this community.
It is totally unclear to me why there is now a third method to activate. It was already difficult, but this does not help at all.
Well I am glad that their programs are so good or otherwise I would have quit a long time ago.

i must admit; that it was for me never difficult…
but i can imagine, that it can be difficult.

the new license method isn’t that clear, indeed. but it went flawless.

for Wavelab Pro 11.1, it seems not. i will go there, the forum, to ask, if it is a big problem, or only some users.

there is now a third method, becuase of the new licensing system, no eLicenser necessary for Pro 9… or Cubase 12 Pro. or Wavelab Pro 11 (if it works…).

but you have still the dongle when you update, that can be confusing.

Steinberg, perhaps the page exists; needs to make the process better; or better guide…

Well finally I managed. Wavelab 11.1 I had comparable problems. I have no dongle unless the USB eLicenser is a dongle?
The problem is that once you succeed you don’t remember exactly what you did as it becomes try and error. Compared to competitors this is really a complicated way of activation… To me it looks like a way that is for IT guys not for plain users.
Well I have vented my heart, back to normal untill the next update :slight_smile:

the USB eLicenser is the dongle, both names are used, the first is the official one… or was it because, o well…

Wavelab 11.1 has still problems, it seems. was confirmed in the Wavelab forum. steinberg is working on it.

in that sense/way, SpectraLayers went smooth…

when Cubase 12 came, well it was quite problematic, if i remember correctly.

the problem is of course the new licensing system. the transition, that is always difficult.

could it be handled better? i think so, but perhaps, well…

i am not an IT guy, but have some programming skills, that i don’t use anymore…

well some developers have much stranger activation procedures…

o well, i can fully understand you need to vent it… i would too, or i do sometimes… when i run into bugs… that are… well… or sometimes strange procedures.

at some point, it will be easier…

back to; the great world of spectral editing! (and i wish Wavelab had also previews… for processes… but in a way it is handled in another, i think, or i do…)

Grace Period updates when the product is moving from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing are a bit of a mess. Fortunately, this situation will soon be behind us once everything is on Steinberg Licensing.

The official route to trigger a Grace Period check is:

  • Open Steinberg Activation Manager
  • Click the ‘person’ icon in the top right of the window
  • Choose “Grace Period Check…” from the menu and follow the prompts
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Hi I’m using SpectraLayers 9 demo and I am saving Microsoft wav files onto my desktop. When I try and use them in Logic Pro x on the big sur OS it crashes my logic after I try to import them. Does anyone know why this is happening ? Thanks

What happens when you read those wav files in a software such as VLC or another audio player ?

Hi Robin,
They play fine in Apple Music but they won’t import into Logic which is weird. Logic keeps freezing permanently. Would it be an encoding problem within the microsoft wav? I tried importing other wavs into logic ( not created in spectralayers) and they are fine. Would it be because I am only using a demo program?

If they play fine in Apple Music then it’s an issue with Apple Logic, not with SpectraLayers. Files are encoded the same regardless of the SpectraLayers license.
Have you tried saving with different bit depths ? (16bit, 24bit, 32bit)