SpectraLayers as Extensions in Cubase 12

I am a bit confused - can not find SpectraLayers Extensions command in Cubase 12 where it used to be in Cubase 11. What happened? I checked manual but there is no mention of SpectraLayers and at the same time everybody is excited about full Ara2 integration with Cubase. What I am missing?
I am using it with Windows 10

from a YouTube video I saw that the extensions can be found in a drop-down menu in the track inspector

Thanks. Will try

same issue here - I do not see the EXTENSIONS. Neither in the Inspector not in the menu.

Resolved - you need to reinstall SpectrLayers : automatic installation from Download Manager does not install it as a plugin. Once it is done it shows up in track inspector


Same issue. I did try to reinstall it with little success. Not until I first uninstalled it completely and then, in the download manager, removed the downloaded files and then made a new installation, did it work. Thank you.

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