Spectralayers bug?

Spectral Layers bug?
I am working with a wav file in both Cubase 11 and Cubase 12. When I open the Spectral Layers extension i go to unmix stems and they all show. If I drag any of the stems into Either of the Cubase project windows they show a complete wave file. On playback the file plays O.K. till it gets to the final 15 seconds and then there is no sound . If I bounce the stem the last 15 seconds of the wave file disappes.
If I open the file in The Spectral standalone everything works perfectly and I can save the complete stem as awave file.
Is this a bug in either Spectral layers or Cubase?


If this is an ARA issue, I always find ARA less reliable than simply using Spectralayers as an auxiliary editor.

-When you drag a stem from SpectraLayers to Cubase, can you see a waveform in the last 15 seconds or is it just a straight line ?
-Can you provide screenshots for the both ways to trigger the issue ? (drag/bounce)

Hi Robin,
Image before shows complete waveform but no sound for last 15 seconds

Image after shows last 15 Seconds as staight line

MY system is:
Aorus B450 M/board, AMD Ryzen 7 3000 Series, 64 GB’s Ram,AMD Radeon RX 5700 xt graphics

Thanks, can you also provide a screenshot when you drag a stem from SL to Cubase ? (not bounce)

Hi Robin,
Maybe I did not make it clear. the top image in my previous post shows the image when I drag it into the project window before bounce. The wave shows as complete but does not play the last 15 seconds.
The bottom image shows the stem after bounce with the last 15 seconds as a line with no wave.
If I load the same file in SL standalone everything works O,K and the stem plays completely.Ican then save as wave file and load into Cubase.
If I use SL8 in either Cubase 11 or 12 I have this problem,so therefor I dont know if the problem is with SL8 or Cubase.

Ok got it. How long is the file, and can you provide details about the Cubase project sample rate and the audio file sample rate ?

Hi Robin.
The project is 2. min 40 secs long and the project is 24 bit.The audio file is 16 bit


Thanks, but 24 and 16 is the bit depth. Can you provide the project sample rate and file sample rate (something like 44100 Hz, 48000Hz, etc…)

Hi Robin,
Sorry for my confusion, If you look at my profile you will see I am 86 years old and misunderstood your question. When I start a project I dont change anything in the setup. On checking the project sample rate is 44100 Hz and the file is 48000Hz. I apologise for my mistake

No need to apologize ! Thanks for the infos. Can you create a new project with a sample rate of 48000Hz, import your audio clip at 48000Hz, then do the SpectraLayers/unmix/drag/bounce ?

Hi Robin,
Problem solved. I followed your instructions and now SL works . It now extracts stems and plays complete file. Thanks very much for your help

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