Spectralayers causing instability in Cubase 12

“A serious problem has occurred” is getting to be a familiar sight round here and Spectralayers is my chief suspect. It’s just happened again when I tried to select the Time Select tool (shortcut I) in Spectralayers. Nothing happened so I realised that in spite of having Spectralayers full screen, the focus is in fact still in Cubase! Indeed, when I returned to Cubase to undo what I had done it was happily recording a new part! And then it fell over…

Spectralayers does not sit happily within a Cubase environment. Clearly, there is a focus issue causing a wrong function to start, as just now, but neither does double-clicking on an event in the Project Window always seem to transfer the focus all the way down beyond the lower pane and into Spectralayers itself; it gets stuck on the pane, not its contents (for want of a better way of putting it). Not part of the problem but another example of ‘incompatibility’ is that you can’t Tab around the panes because Spectralayers has grabbed Tab for itself. I appreciate it may never have been envisaged as a Cubase extension but now that it is, it need integrating better.

I think it’s the focus but Cubase/Spectralayers is very unstable.

(Just for the record, I really rate what this software can do, but it’s not the easiest to use.)

Support informs me that the problem is my AMD Radeon HD 6770 graphics card, which only supports up to DirectX 11. SpectraLayers requires DirectX 12.

I had issues with my HD7790 to be honest , they are very old cards , even thou the latest Radeons still work with the cards my 1gb was causing issues , some tmies it’s hard to let go but for the sake of sanity maybe it’s time ?

It’s a pretty old machine tbh and it struggles with the cpu load SL puts on it, so I’m definitely getting to that point. Having said that, it’s working ok and hasn’t crashed for while… :crossed_fingers: :grimacing: