Spectralayers crashes my computer

It happened since Cubase 11.
When I try to Unmiv vocals in SL my computer shuts down.
It worked sometimes in Cubase 12 but now I’m in C13 and it happens again.
I’m using Win 10
64 gig
CPU i9


First, make sure, your SpectraLayers is up to date.

If this is the case, attach the *.dmp file, please.

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I’ve updated it and it still happens
see some photos


Attach the *.dmp file, please.

Win: %userprofile%/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

The screenshot just shows some system events that are completely harmless. What would you like to show here?

Hi @Kobi_Paz

Sorry to hear about your crash. However, this is the Cubase forum here. Is Spectralayers crashing or Cubase? If the first one, then I will forward it to the corresponding forum.


It happens in Cubase and In standalone mode of SL


I am not sure what you would like to point out with this screenshot but that is of no help to us.

To me that means that the problem likely lies in Spectralayers. I will move this thread to the official forum. As Martin pointed out, you need to attach the related DMP file. FYI @Robin_Lobel


It’s a known computer issue that happens with misconfigured BIOS, where the CPU does not get enough power when all its threads are used at once (which is the case with AI processes).
See here for more details, and tips on how to solve it:

If you have an AI-capable GPU, use it instead of your CPU (SpectraLayers Preferences > System > AI Processing Device) : processing will go much faster, and it won’t shutdown your computer…

Years of frustration!
That is the solution!

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If a CPU doesn’t have its own AI processes, can SL use the AI on the new nVidia cards instead so as to prevent crashes?

I have a good cpu
The problem was the graphic card

A CPU will always be able to run AI processes (except for very rare cases where the BIOS is misconfigured). But yes, switching AI processing to a NVIDIA or AMD card will prevent crashes in such cases.


Go it
Tnx :slight_smile: