Spectralayers crashes system

Unusable. It crashes the system and corrupts my Cubase file

Would love to post the screen grab but it seems |I cant on this forum?

I’ve used Spectralayers numerous times with Reaper, both in ARA2 mode and in auxiliary-editor mode, and I’ve never had a crash. Maybe it’s a Cubase problem?

Maybe you should provide more information, like what you were doing just before your program crashed. Just a suggestion.

I too find spectral layers very unstable. Through all the different updates too. BUT what might help is that it usually crashes if the file being spectral layered is really long it just throws a wobbly. If you’re only using a small section of a long audio file then try bouncing that one part down so it’s just that part that is being effected. It usually works like that.

Same issue, even with a 6 second clip of audio, Cubase 11 crashes every time, I get exactly the same response when I try to open the stand alone version from my desktop.