SpectraLayers Elements - Eraser tool available?

as of 2020-Feb-12:

The current “/compare-editions” page over on Steinberg.net shows that the Eraser editing tool is only available for the Pro version; yet we see this amazing feature being used in the official tutorial videos on YouTube. If you select the “Editing Tools” sub-heading the only tool available for the Elements version appears to be the “Frequency Repair” - is this accurate?

— I’m on the verge of purchasing ‘SpectraLayers Elements’ but am not sure if the Eraser tool is included or not (as well as the Amplifier tool).

Either way, this version of SpectraLayers is another awesome addition to the lineup.

I confirm the Eraser tool - as well as the Amplifier tool - are available in Elements. The comparison page will be updated.

Thank you for the reply & update @Robin_Lobel!

Saw they’d updated this page yesterday… its still the same tonight; anything get lost in translation…?

Well, still incorrect :unamused:

Here’s the source feature list, if you want to make sure (the Excell file can be downloaded here):

Thank you Robin… :slight_smile: