Spectralayers Exports Everything The Same Level

I have Pro 9 after updateing from 8. I’m not a pro or anything but when I import tracks at say -18 dB then do do some work, it comes out at near 0dB.

Whats up with that? Can I fix it or somehow adjust the setting in such a way to prevent this?

Are you referring to the standalone or ARA version of SpectraLayers ? What host ? Do you mean that your track is at -18dB in your DAW, but you can hear it as if it was at 0dB when played through SpectraLayers ARA ? How do you trigger the playback, using Cubase playback controls or using the Playback tool in SpectraLayers ?

When I import into spectralayers stand alone it seems to bring it up in volume. I think I found my trick. I’m now grouping my tracks and using the main group track (layer) as a master fader.

But yea, when you bring it in spectralayers is like to 0dB with you.

If you’re talking about the standalone SpectraLayers, then I’m not sure I understand you.
Any .wav file imported into SpectraLayers will indeed default to 0dB, because there’s no way a wav file can store a dB parameter. It’s up to you to then lower the volume of that layer to -18dB in the Layers panel.

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Thanks Robin that was the solution.