SpectraLayers Extension not working

Hi. I recently tried to clean a little my computer and since my Cubase 12 is running Spectralayers one 9.0.20 I delete the previous versions of the Spectralayers applications. I had 7 and 8. Now my Cubase extension for Spectralayers is not working and every time I try to use the extension it crash and it says it closes with an error trying to open → /Applications/SpectraLayers Pro 6.app/Contents/MacOS/SpectraLayers.dylib. I tried everything, I uninstalled the 7,8,9 and installed them again with the download assistant and nothing seems to be working. If someone could help me with that. Thanks

Uninstall all versions of SpectraLayers and re-install only the latest version.

Did That. Still got error :frowning:

I see you’re on Mac, it must be a different mechanism (I’m on Windows). I’m sure a Mac user will come along and be better able to help. You might add some detail about your system (OS version etc.).

Thank you very much. I also contact steinberg support se did all that we can, they are still working on it. I’m running MacOS Monterey 12.6.7
It was running before the only thing that I did was to delete the previous version and it stop working. :man_facepalming:t2::sweat: